1P-LSD, 4-HO-MiPT & 2C-B Combination Experience

This is my blog about my trips and experiences with various research chemicals. I didn’t buy anything from some shady dark net vendor or any china white stuff for my experiments. All chemicals were lab tested and sourced from legit RC vendors like Lizard Labs. I buy in bulk straight from the source so I don’t need to worry about shady vendors cutting the RC’s.4 HO mipt from Lizard LabsT0:00-I dose all RC’s together following a shower.

T0:20- that I feel chilly and shaky.  Placing on layers doesn’t make me comfortable, it is a chilly that shudders from my bones, it is the temperature falling before a shivering rainstorm.

T0:45- I’m am quite nauseous, I feel crappy today, the majority of those chem powders which are in my belly have seeped into every corner of my awareness, it is a bitterness that infests all of my senses and leaves my mind feeling as dry rot.  I wasn’t expecting to feel this awful, maybe my nourishment was bad recently.  I’m shaking all I could do is lie in my bed and expect this will pass.  Any motion exacerbates the distress.   Insofar, other consequences are barely noticeable.  Slight visual stimulation pulses the walls.  Faint colored patterns start to swirl but that I pay them no heed.  My mental condition is completely and passionately focused on the status of my body at the moment.   I have had it in my head this time, this is enjoyable, this is going to be a burst, all that I want to do is make it within this hellish twitchy disquieting hump.  At last, it seems like I’ve splashed face-first to a pool whilst on fire, the aid is concrete and the entire world swirls around me since the distress dissipates.   It is not like one medication is overpowering others, but they have all coalesced into a completely distinctive experience, a singular medication as opposed to a blend of those.   The visuals don’t remind me of some of the material, they are lively and rippling with raw energy, amazingly intricate and twisted, and twitching such as green mechanical worms over every surface.   Close my eyes frees me into a universe of my entire body moving away to toothed waves, the waves spilling out to the area around me and hammering and twisting and invisibly to boundless madness and absurdity.  Music is totally fantastic, each detail of this audio makes itself clear to me and sets out before me to my aesthetic admiration.   I detect mostly that I’m not tripping as tough as I would have liked.  My aim in this case was to provide myself a effective trip in my three favorite materials from the 3 chief families .  I’d made the observation by some force of the cosmos, I have the most extreme trips once I do not mean to, or if tripping that tough is inconvenient.  Those excursions are always necessarily quite stressful since they severely impair anything else I planned to do during this adventure.  I figured I’d give myself a free time and attempt to dive to the depths while really prepared for this, but to no avail.  Maybe It was just warped perceptions, I perceive myself as tripping tougher when I anticipate distinct and vice versa.  I’m sporadically tripping exactly the same as my”difficult” adventures, but it lacks the element of being overpowering or outside of my hands.

T2:00-I start to wonder how I could create this experience successful, as I understand that without sinking to the depths that I feel as I am simply wasting my time.  I wonder how I could channel this energy that is psychedelic into another action.  I smoke a bowl of cannabis to encourage me a tiny bit and then opt to attempt to dissect the reason why I have been a bad student too.  The hyperanalytical facet of 4-HO-MiPT rears its head in the maelstrom and that I find myself exploring the definition of laziness.  I soon realize that trying to read or find out while in this condition is simply incredibly hard.   I soon recognize that trying to read or find out while in this condition is simply incredibly hard.  While I examine words, I understand I am only able to browse the only word I’m focusing on, each of the additional words surrounding that you look as incomprehensible illegible glyphs of a language I don’t know.  It is hard for me to glean any significance from sentences since I have to process them one phrase at a time, then return and cross reference every word with one another to find out what they mean in conjunction.   After quite a while I eventually can piece together what laziness way, and how it’s perceived.   Except I really don’t, I simply can not for the life span of me figure out why I am rather lazy.   This mix lends itself to strong and very clear introspection that cuts through my head like a crystal knife, however this is 1 puzzle it can’t crack.

T3:00-I wind up just reading a lot of crap on Wikipedia for the upcoming few hours.  To relieve my guilt I try prep.  It drops through completely, I totally fail in the job and can’t comprehend calculus in any way.  I wind up feeling very stressed for about one hour, anxious about my inadequacies, worried about my mind, worried about what my life is destined for with these profound character flaws.  The torrent is well known for not allowing this swirl out of control into a profound depressive episode.  Instead, I’m ready to logically and apparent headedly strategy these problems and tackle them in this manner I can simply dismiss them.   I am sometimes able to sink back and encircle the storm of artwork with a grin, sink to the nice sensory results along with the euphoric jolts in my mind, allow the trip take me to its gentle palms and stone me forth and back and assure me that now is wasted, so that each minute that I’m undergoing the universe of my own accord is a minute well spent. That can be something we do together quite frequently, although this specific experience sticks out in my memory card.  Every game we played with, what I see, seems to be much better etched in my memory than before.  It is similar to the memories are a thorough relief, every characteristic of this carved with amazing depth and noticeable comparison, rather than the typical horizontal blur that they occupy within my own mind.  Chat and socialization are somewhat awkward, even though the hyper-analytical facet of the adventure makes for an intriguing evening doing something that’s usually pretty regular.  This lasted for the upcoming few hours.  Nothing else to notice actually.

T12:00-Proceed to sleep.

4-HO-MiPT Source:  https://lizardlabs.to/product/4-ho-mipt-20mg-pellets/

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