Viper Bait Boats

Aquarium tanks for bait that are placed on board boats are also called live wells. These devises are being used by both professional fishermen, who make their living by catching fish, and weekend boaters, who are out for the thrill of sport fishing.

Boats for fishing are wide in range from jon boats to ones for deep sea fishing. Today there are two materials that are widely used for these boats which are aluminum and fiberglass.

Jon boats are what you call small boats that have flat bottom and are great for ponds or lakes. A jon boat has the capacity of two people and powered by an outboard motor, which is not more than 10 horsepower. These boats are made of aluminum and measure from 8 to 14 feet. Duck hunters also use these boats by camouflaging them.

Pontoon boats are inflatable and can carry more than one person. It is great for fishing in small bodies of water that are not navigable by larger vessels. There are two versions of inflatable pontoon fishing boats available to anglers. The first is the float tube style pontoon and the second is the FoldCat style pontoon. Both of these inflatable style boats are great for fishing, with the biggest difference being the number of anglers that the two styles fit comfortably. Float tube style pontoons are mainly for one angler whereas the FoldCat style pontoons can comfortable carry up to three anglers.

One advantage of these fishing boats is that many are stable enough to stand up on while fishing. When fishing this can be very useful as it allows you see fish swimming or feeding near the surface.

There are three hull-types that are being used in regular-sized fishing boats. The deep V is appropriate for lakes that are deep and large because they can be stable amidst heavy waves. Then theres the regular V, which are designed for lakes that are smaller and man-made, for not so turbulent waves. The modified V is the newest design which is also a fast boat. To draw a conclusion, the bigger the target lake, the deeper the V on the hull of your boat has to be.

Your selection of motors for boats can be air or jet-propelled, inboard, or outboard. You can use motors that generate 200 horsepower if you also plan to use the boat for water skiing. Lakes that are smaller and man-made are the perfect site for jet-propelled motors or outboard motors. Bigger lakes are where inboard motors should work well. Bow fishing on lakes with heavy debris underwater is where air-propelled motors work best.

Fishing boats made of aluminum range from 10 ft. to 24 ft. they are great for lakes made by man because they are invulnerable to underwater debris. Whereas fiberglass boats are best suited for larger lakes.

So if you plan on fishing with a boat, it is a good idea to equip your boat with a live well or otherwise called as bait well. Large fish will go for baits that are still alive.

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